Town Walk



Here's a walk round Newport Pagnell. Eventually yo will be able to click on each of the thumbnail pictures to be taken to the relevant larger pictures and notes.........Newport Pagnell Walk Map.tif (271367 bytes)

1 Mill_St_NP_Thomas_T4web_small.jpg (1983 bytes) Mill Street 2 280501_Mill_Street_from_bridge_web_small.jpg (1734 bytes) Mill stream and backs of Mill Street from North Bridge
3 British legion.jpg (10600 bytes) British Legion 4 school.jpg (11348 bytes) Church School
5 Churches from west 2.jpg (10862 bytes) Church 6 st johns street and cottage.jpg (10504 bytes) Cottage
7 Tickford bridge.jpg (10648 bytes) Iron Bridge 8 church house.jpg (9267 bytes) St Anne's Hospital
9 picture this.jpg (14819 bytes) Picture This! 10 URC through arch.jpg (8346 bytes) URC Church
11 coachmakers.jpg (11662 bytes) CoachmakersArms 12    
13   Catholic Church 14 blockbuster.jpg (11286 bytes) Blockbuster
15 medical centre.jpg (8248 bytes) Medical Centre 16 dolphin.jpg (10229 bytes) The Dolphin
17 methodist.jpg (20777 bytes) Methodist Church 18 chesney.jpg (16897 bytes) Chesney's Hairdressers
19 nationwide bs.jpg (17287 bytes) Nationwide Building Society 20 upstairs downstairs.jpg (22506 bytes) Upstairs Downstairs
21 swan.jpg (10525 bytes) The Swan Revived 22 odells.jpg (9962 bytes) Odell's Restaurant
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