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The Newport Pagnell Church dominates the skyline of the town. It is quite lovely and the grounds are beautiful. It was Judy's favourite walk to take in back of the church. The gravestones date back hundreds of years and the very old,
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This view of the church is along a walk by the graveyard Old gravestones are used to pave the walkway
The walk from the road bridge along the river...... ...leads through to the Churchyard

This inscription left reads: "Lovingly Remembered  The babies who were born asleep and buried in the vicinity of this memorial when the approach to this sad event differed from the views which society holds today. May they rest in peace in this tranquil area"

school.jpg (11348 bytes) This purple-doored building was once a school house but   now is a private home who's back garden backs onto the graveyard. Quiet neighbours! school from back.jpg (26171 bytes)
alms school from church.jpg (10668 bytes) These are the former almshouses where the indigent of the parish would have free housing - now they are private homes  which are much sought after
URC through arch.jpg (8346 bytes) This is the United Reform Church whose archway goes onto the High Street. The white bay window attaches to a building which was a boy's school but now houses church offices. To the left is a small garden that was planted for the visually impaired.  The plants are touchable and very fragrant.
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This is the Methodist Church in our town. Lovely parishioners. They are on the "preacher circuit" so you have no idea who may be preaching on any given Sunday

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